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Our Shorkie are our pride and joy . We breed for the better health and temperament of this wonderful breed, and hope some day they will be recognized by AKC. We love to show our babies and adults off, and we welcome our puppy parents to our home, but you are invited by appointment only and with a limited number of family members present. All children must be watched by the adults that bring them.

We don't invite every stranger that calls or emails to our home because of the safety of our family and fur-kids. You never know who you are opening your door for now days !

Being a home professional toy breed breeder is a sacrifice because of the responsibility. We are not able to pick up and leave when ever we want or to spend a weekend away from home. Shorkies are a breed that is a "companion breed" meaning they love to be with people . They do not do well at all when they are left at a boarding facility. If you have multiple dogs it would get very expensive. So taking weekend adventures with your family is not an option. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a very trusted friend or family member to come in and take care of your precious Fur family.

So why do I breed then? Because there is nothing like the feeling when I know that I have enriched the lives of puppy parents who want to own a happy healthy shorkie. We have our babies not only here in the US but also around the world. I take great care in choosing my shorkie babies homes and I love to see pictures of my Fur Babies in their Fur-Ever home.

There is a huge industry in the Shorkie breed right now with many shorkie breeders out there that is just putting two dogs together to have a litter. With out thinking about the long term effect on the babies or their puppy parents. The internet has many many bad breeders that breed Shorkies to generate a huge amount of revenue with many sick puppies being sold and many sick adults living in tortuous conditions.

The internet offers us the capability to share information about the breed and our breeding programs so that people can make an informed decision if they want to buy a Shorkie puppy from us. It is a really special feeling knowing that I have Shorkies all over the United States.

This is why every puppy buyer is welcome to my home . I welcome you to my home to know who your shorkie breeder really is and for you to trust where you baby really comes from .

All puppies are sold as Pets.

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