Adoption Vs Buying

Over the years I have been asked why we use the word adopting instead of selling for our shorkie puppies.

This is my response. I spend many many hours with my babies, and we treasure them dearly. I would not let just any one have one of my babies. Most breeders that sale dogs will let any one have one of their puppies as long as they can afford the price their are asking.

I do NOT work this way. I do NOT care if some one has the money to buy one of my shorkies if they don't have the love and caring personality my babies need and deserve they will NOT be lucky enough to be able to adopt one of my shorkie babies.

Most breeders will sale you a dog then say bye and your will not every hear from them again. I like to keep into contact with my puppy parents and see how my babies turn out when grown. I am here for my puppy parents until my babies are no longer on earth. At any given point if a puppy parent can not keep their shorkie I will be more then glad to take him/her back no questions asked. My shorkies and puppy parents are part of my extended family and I care what happens to them and where their life leads them. I want to be part of it as much as possible.

So if you are just looking to buy just any shorkie please look elsewhere. But if you are interested in growing your family with a shorkie please feel free to email me, call me or fill out my adoption form and I can give you a call.


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