Adopting/Buying Locally

Here at Shorkie World we always encourage you to buy or adopt a shorkie puppy locally. If you can find a ethical breeder that dose the testing they should do and they stand behind what they produce.

Remember you are responsible for your baby and the breeder should be too. After all they are the one's that help produce the puppy.

Here are a couple of ways to find a local breeder.

You can call around to the local groomers, and ask if they know of any breeders of shorkies. If you don't find any that way you can call around to local vet's offices and ask them if they know any one that breeder shorkies. If they give you numbers give them a call and see if they do the genetic testing they should.

Another great way to find a local breeder is to ask around at pet parks.

If you can not find a ethical breeder locally we will be more then happy to talk to you about one of our babies. We welcome you to come pick up your new baby, we can hand deliver your baby to you, we can always fly your new baby home to you.

Here are a few puppy videos, theses babies have been adopted visit our nursery to see the babies we have at this time. We always have a waiting list if you want to be on our waiting list just fill out my adoption form and I will give you a call.

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