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Most of our vet serves are provided by Dr. Harkey. He has been to my home and has seen how are babies are raised.

Our vet
  • each and every one of our shorkie babies receives a complete health screening before they come home..
  • when our puppies are ready and old enough to join their new families we take them back to the vet and have another physical done. most the time it is with in 48 hours before they leave. at this time we get their state of missouri health certificate,
  • please note: all the health certificate states is at the time of the exam the animal described is free from visible sings of infectious, contagious or communicable disease.


Each of our puppies go thru several health screening before they come home.

We make sure every puppy that leaves are care is healthy on the outside and inside.

Each of our puppies go thru 2 types of blood panels before they leave our care. These blood panels check over 30 functions and organs inside of your new puppy.

we are the only Shorkie breeder that dose blood panels on all their puppies... before they join their new family.

Each of our puppies have a complete physical. Here are some of the things our vet's puppy physical includes;

  • 2 types of full blood panels
  • Skin & Over All Body Wellness - Your puppies healthy skin is flexible and smooth, without scabs, growths, white flakes, or red areas. Hernias will be addressed if any are present on any puppy and our vet will speak to you personally.
  • Coat - Healthy coat, is glossy and pliable, without dandruff, bald spots, or excessive oiliness.
  • Eyes - Healthy eyes, bright and shiny. The pink lining of the eyelids are not inflamed, swollen, or have a yellow discharge. . The whites of the eyes are not yellowish. Eyelashes not rub the eyeball.
  • Ears - The skin inside ears is light pink and clean. There should be some yellow or brownish wax, but a large amount of wax or crust is abnormal. There is no redness or swelling inside the ear
  • Nose - A dog's nose is usually cool and moist. It can be black, pink, or self-colored (the same color as the coat), depending on the breed. No nasal discharge present at time of exam
  • Mouth- Teeth and Gums - gums are firm and pink.
  • Genitals - Check the puppy's genitals to ensure two testicles are present in males and there's no sign of discharge or infection in females.
  • Temperature - check temperature — 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is normal
  • Heartbeat and Pulse - A normal heart beats from 50 to 130 times a minute in a resting dog. Puppies and small breeds heart rates are higher dogs have faster speeds, and large dogs in top condition have slower heartbeats. Your puppies heart rhythm is normal. No low beats or murmur. Breathing is regular. Small breeds heart rates are higher in small dogs, and large dogs in top condition have slower heartbeats. Your puppies heart rhythm is normal. No low beats or murmur. Breathing is regular.
  • Elimination - Urine is clear yellow. Bowel movements are brown and firm.
  • Temperament Test - making sure puppy is not aggressive and is happy and well adjusted. Tail wagging and not fearful but curious to unexpected sounds
  • Weight - Puppies weight is normal for size. Stomach is not bloated or extended or hard.
  • Knee's - Our vet checks the knees of each of our puppies to make sure they are in place and not lactating patella's at all. If a puppy has more then a grade one lactating patella chance's are they will have bad knees when grown.
  • Shots - Puppy is current on all vaccinations for its age. Puppies over 12 weeks of age will receive a rabies vaccine
  • Worming - All our babies are treated at 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks and 10 weeks 12 weeks with safeguard/pancur for all internal parasites. All our babies are given albon to reduce chances of Coxxidia an internal parasite that can be brought about during shipping.
  • External Parasites - Your puppy has been treated with Front Line Plus to prevent fleas, ticks. Your vet may opt to change you over to what they recommend and use. This is done at 7 weeks and 11 weeks.

Here are a few puppy videos, theses babies have been adopted visit our nursery to see the babies we have at this time. We always have a waiting list if you want to be on our waiting list just fill out my adoption form and I will give you a call.

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