Adoption Fee & Payments


My adoption fee are based by the size, sex, coloring and characteristics of my shorkies. ALL of our babies come with a LIFETIME written health warrantee. Our babies start out at $2000.00..


Most babies can go home at 12 weeks old. But we will NEVER allow a baby to leave our care we don't think is ready. So please be patient. We want you to receive a happy healthy new family member

About My Price

I am proud to be a professional home breeder. Over the last several years I have spend many hours at seminar's conferences, and meeting to learn the best information when it come to breeding my adults. This allows me to stay up to date on health issues that can arrive and the care of our adults and babies. Breeding is NOT my job or happy it is my PASSION..


My fur family and puppies receive only the VERY BEST from the food they eat to the vet care. They receive and the hands on love they receive each and every day.

I give a written LIFETIME health warranty. Click here to see it. Most breeders only give a 1 year Health guarantee.

All my adults & babies are part of my family they are not kept in Small cramped cages. They live in My house with my family, they are with us 24/7 and under our feet. I do not refer to my fur family as breeding sock they are living Breathing creatures that deserves the BEST OF CARE and all they love they can handle. Each one has their own personality just like people.

My fur kids and babies get the BEST of VETERINARY CARE.. My babies start getting their shots at 4 weeks old.  Most don't start their shots until 6 or 8 weeks.. My vet seeing the babies and spending time with them helps insure The babies are developing correctly.

I worm with safeguard at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks of age for 5 days each treatment, which treats for round Worm, hook worm, whips worm and Guiardia! Most breeders only use Stongid T for Round worm.

I treat for 10 days as a preventative for Coccidia before our babies leave to go home. As the stress of a new home can bring it on.

All our parents are on monthly treatment of frontline. Which protects them against flea's, ticks, and are wormed for heart worms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, Front Line also helps with ear mites, and other forms of mites. All Our babies receive their fist treatment front line at 8 weeks old to make sure they are fully protect when they arrive home. Most breeders do not treat for anything at all. Most breeders only give the puppy a bath before they go home..

My babies are held from day one to ensure that there is a loving human bond... This way they are not only bonding with siblings and Mamma. My puppies are hand fed by me several time a day if I feel they need the extra food.

To help insure are our parents are in the BEST of health all year long I feed only 100 % holistic dog food. All our parents also are on a great daily vitamin schedule. Doing this helps us make sure they are in the BEST of health when we breed them. This also makes sure the babies are born in the Best of health. We don't breed any of our adults until at least their second heat. We also don't over breed them.

All my fur family are 100 % family members before they are BREEDERS. I will not jeopardize the health of our adults just for a litter of puppies.

The BIGGEST reason of all is you not only get a adorable loving healthy well socialized baby, but you also get ME!!! I am here for my puppy parents 100% after the baby goes home. My job is NOT over just because the baby is in their new home with their new parents. They will always be our babies. I understand puppy parents don't have all the answers and that it what I am here for.

These are SOME of the reason breeders can sell puppies cheaper than my babies. I will NOT CUT CORNERS in my program to save money so we can sell our puppies cheaper. I WILL NOT compete with other breeders. My prices are simply a reflection of the quality and DEDICATION to my fur family, and to my adopted parents.

I can not even begin to calculate expenses of the care that each and every Mamma Dog and babies receives. Or the vet care that goes along caring for our moms during pregnancy and after care. Nor for the hours of hands on love that each every puppy needs and gets from birth.

I am responsible for each and every baby I help produce. I want each and every puppy parent to know if there is ever a puppy that their puppy parent can not keep I will take him/her back. I always have room for one of my babies to come back no matter what the circumstances are.

DEPOSIT: If the payment is not received by 3 business days, puppy goes back up for adoption. Make sure you can accept the responsibility of a puppy as deposits are non-refundable! Amount of deposit is 600.00. Deposits might be able to be transferred to another baby at the breeder's discretion! We take postal money orders or Wire Transfers for deposits. Once I have talked to you and you want to send in a dep. Please send them too...

BALANCE: Is due when contract states 


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