Shorkie Weight and Sizes

When producing a litter of shorkie puppies, please beware of breeders that say tea cup shorkies for sale are most likely unethical. Ethical breeders know how many health issues can come with tiny shorkies, in order to be consider a tea cup in ANY breed the puppy has to be less them 3lbs full grown. There is NO registry that recognizes the word Tea cup when it comes to dogs. This is a word unethical breeders use to sale their dogs. In order for a shorkie to be 3lbs full grown they will have to be less then 16oz at 10 weeks old. If a breeder has a shorkie that is that small it could have liver, kidney or heart issues. Make sure they do a bile acid test on the puppy that will show liver issues, blood panel should show if they have kidney issues, a good vet check should show if they have heart issues.

When looking at shorkies please remember the AKC (American Kennel Club) standard for the shih tzu is 9-16lbs and the AKC standard for the yorkies is 3-7lbs.

When breeding the off spring can take the size of either parent, grand parent or even great grandparent, or up to 5 generations back. So if the shorkie breeder has a 7lb shih tzu and a 4lb yorkie, but the grandparent of the shih tzu was 12 pound she can produce a 12 pound shorkie.

You have to remember when breeding a F1 shorkie or what some people call first generation/ the mom is a purebred shih tzu and the dad is a purebred yorkie the off spring can take the size of any one of the mom or dad's side for up to 5 generations.

Now when you get into f2 or second generation shorkies, that is where you are breeding shorkie to shorkie you will need to go back 5 generations, but you will what the last two generations gave you. If you have breed them your self or if you have received them from an ethical shorkie breeder that kept the records.

Once the shorkie breed becomes a known akc breed( it will take many years) we will be able to tell you the size of your puppy at a young age. Until then the breeder can only make an educated guess, you must rely on your breeder to be honest with you.

Personally most of our shorkies tend to be in the 7-9 pound range, but we have had them as small as 3lbs full grown and 12 pounds full grown. It is my goal to have shorkies in the 7-9lb range.

You most remember the smaller the dog the more health issues they can have.


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