Here at ShorkieWorld our puppies come with our Lifetime Assurance Program Our Lifetime Assurance program allows our puppy parents to feel comfortable about adopting their new family member thru us.

With our Lifetime Assurance program we offer our puppy parents the following:

  • We are the only shorkie breeder that offers our puppy parents a LIFETIME Health warranty, that covers 100% of genetic issues, Parvo, other health issues
  • A professional home breeder that is registered with the BBB, We have been registered with them since 10/26/2010 No other home shorkie breeder is registered as of 5/30/12.
  • Like with any profession it takes training, schooling and certifications. I attend many seminars and class's to stay on top of breeding issues, including health, genetic, training, personality and more. I receive yearly canine care education credits
  • We are a legal business, and I have been breeding since 1991 and have always believed in being a home breeder and always put our puppy parents first.
  • We offer our puppy parents 24/7 Puppy Support even after your baby joins your family, we are always here for you no matter what time of day or night it may be
  • Our puppy parents can take comfort that we do the very best to provide them with the BEST shorkies in the World.. Also that they can rest assured that if they can not keep their baby for any reason he/she can always come back home.
  • Even though my moms and dads past their testing, we do not stop there. Each mom and dad goes thru a intense exam every year to make sure they are 100% healthy and have not developed any health issues. Our breeding practices are vet approved.
  • I live in a state that has the toughest breeding laws in the us, and I abide by all STATE laws and regulations.
  • I am state inspected and licensed-- My state inspector comes in my home and view our moms, dads and babies on a regular basis. This is done unannounced. We always look forward to seeing her and visit with her. She offers us great ideas and information.
  • All of our moms and dads are genetically tested and we never breed a parent that dose not pass their testing.
  • All our mom's and dad are part of our family and we always think of their health first, we never referred to as stock.

Shipping your new family member home safe and sound, we have puppies all over the world, we are an expert when it comes to sending your puppy home safe and sound.

We will have our vet neuter your little man at no charge to you before he joins your family, if you are adopting a little girl if you want her spayed at no charge we can have our vet do this as well. Having your new family member spayed or neutered before they leave our care you are protected if anything should happen to them during their sugary.

Each puppy receives the best of care including all shots for their age and are on a regular worming schedule. Each puppy is mirco-chipped for their protection. Each puppy come home with puppy insurance to make sure our puppy parents are prepared for any accidents or health issues that should arise.

Puppies leave our care in the BEST of health, Regular vet visits a minimum of 2-3 times before they come home. 4/48 hours before they leave our care to join their new family we take them to the vet for the last time to get a State Of Missouri Health Certificate and another FULL 18 point exam and with a full blood panel to make sure their insides are as good as their outside.

But please note: Our babies are living breathing creatures and we do everything in our power to make sure the baby you are adopting is 100% healthy, but just like with humans things can change as they grow and develop that is why all genetic health issues are coved by our warranty.

We always refer to our puppy parents as family and never buyers, after all you are adopting one of our babies.

Our puppies receives a Health screening before they come home. Each baby receives training, and a professional puppy evaluation.

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