Airlines We Use

Here at ShorkieWorld we use Delta Air Lines. for most of our flights, but   American, and United from our local airport.  Frontier,Alligaint air, and South West. and a few more airline are about a 2 hour drive from us.

Here is a list of Airports and their distances from our home. We can use any of these to deliver your baby, but please note:

In bad weather we are limited.

Airport code
How Far from us Website
Springfield Branson International
40 Miles
Branson-Branson Missouri
65 Miles
Cheap Flights
NW Arkansas Regional Airport
70 miles
Tulsa OK airport
141 miles
Kansas City Missouri Airport
171 Miles
Saint Louis
219 Miles


  • We will call you during our layover to let you know how we are doing and if we should be on time.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 15 minutes early. 
  • When we meet and you receive your puppy take him/her out of its pet carrier. Give him or her a big hug. Give him or her a thumb nail full of Nutri-Cal. Nutri-Cal is a calorie supplement that will keep their blood sugar up as well as boosting their appetite. Nutri-Cal can be purchased at most vet offices or pet stores. Be sure to read our Hypoglycemia information on the warrantee page.
  • Go home & start a wonderful life with your new companion.


Order your Pet Food at and Stray Animals Matter will get a $20 donation!
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