Kids and Shorkies

Living with a shorkie can be beneficial to children. Shorkies can enhance children's self-esteem, teach them responsibility and help them to learn empathy.

However, children and shorkies may not always automatically start off with a wonderful relationship. Parents must be willing to teach the shorkie and the child acceptable limits of behavior in order to make their interactions pleasant and safe. Shorkies are very affectionate, friendly and will trust anyone most the time. Shorkies love to be around children.

When bring your new shorkie home Establish a quiet, out-of-the-way place for your new shorkie and set boundaries for interaction. Just as your shorkie should not be allowed free access to the nursery, your child should not have free access to the new shorkies personal place with out permission and supervision.

Interactions should be supervised at all times and limited, especially during the first few months. Once the child and shorkie are comfortable around each other, invent games to play together, such as fetch or dangling a piece of ribbon for a cat.

If you have small children you want to make sure the shorkie puppy you ad to your family will be a good size for children. If you have kids under 10 I would recommend a shorkie that will be at least 7 pounds full grown, but even a bigger one will be great..

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