What is a home breeder?

Some breeders bring their mom and babies into their house when they are born that is NOT a home breeder in my eyes.

In my opinion a home breeder is a breeder that breeds in their main residence. NOT a breeder that as a home or building set up just for their dogs. That would be a Kennel. When a puppy and adults are raised in your home they live with the whole family 24/7, they get use to every nose in home, and lots of people. They are under your feet and your family's feet when not in their area.

Puppies that are raised in the home with a loving family tend to be more socialized. There is nothing wrong with a house/kennel just for your dogs, as long as it is ran correctly. But breeders that have a separate home/building should NOT don't say their a home breeder if you aren't. If they is not telling the truth about being a home breeder what else are they not telling you.

I am a TRUE home breeder. My fur family are with me 24/7 . Most of them sleep with us at night.

I have personally seen a so called home breeder that I would call a puppy mill. Weather it is a kennel or home breeder that is not a way to tell if they are a puppy mill. There are 1000's of puppy mills out there every State across America. The only way to stop them is buy from a ethical breeder that, offers a great health warranty, contact past puppy parents and make sure they are breeding for QUALITY and it they do genetic testing that would be great also. To be honest I personally think only about 10% of breeders do the genetic testing that they should.


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