Is you Breeder Legal?

First I would like to say we are a licensed business and breeder. We are state licensed and inspected. Our online business was formed in 2005.

We are also state licensed and inspected. Here is one of our inspection reports

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Finding a new companion on the internet can be a fun and safe experience if you take the time and make sure you are dealing with a real business, and true loving breeder.

Many puppy mill's and back yard breeders operate with out a business license or with out even being inspected by anyone. MANY of them do mix breed dogs, maltipoo, shih poo, shichons, shorkies, or any other mix so they don't have to register the puppies they produce. Some will also sell purebred puppies with NO PAPERS. Some registry will do an inspection on your place if you register so many puppies. Over the last several years several organizations report an increasing number of complaints concerning online pet sales, including the American Kennel Club, the Council of Better Business Bureaus, the Humane Society of the United States and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

It takes special people to be a Professional ethical responsible breeder, not every one can do it. Professional breeders do genetic testing on their adults, so they are knowledgeable, about what they are breeding, they also NEVER over breed their dogs, they take steps to be a licensed business, inspected and always there for their puppy parents no matter what.

Unfortunately on the internet today around 90% of the breeders listed are NOT a licensed business or inspected. Puppy parents every where needs to realize if you deal with a unlicensed business they have NO RECOURSE if there is ever a problem. Also most contracts are voided. So what dose this mean for puppy parents? If you decide to go with illegal unlicensed businesses you most likely have given away any money you paid for the puppy and keep these fly by night breeders (scammers) puppy mills in business, or in a worse case you will pay for a puppy and NEVER get a puppy or maybe even the wrong puppy.

It is very easy for scammers/ breeders to change their domain name and phone number then move on to the next hard working person to steal their money and give them the heart ache of a poorly bred puppy, or no puppy at all.

One of the ways you can make sure you get a happy, healthy, puppy is devoting your time researching before you adopt your puppy. Make sure the breeder you choose to use is licensed. This can help insure a happy ending for you and your puppy..

Breeding dogs is a very serious business and should be ran as such. Breeders, weather they are ethical or unethical or even a scammer can make THOUSANDS of dollars a year.

For an example lets say a breeder has 6 females and 1 male. Lets say each female has 5 puppies if they sold them all for 600.00 that would be $3000.00 if you times that by 6 that would give you an income of 18,000.00 a year. That is if you only breed the females one a year. If the breeder breeds their dogs back to back not giving them any rest it could be 36,000 a year.

This income is more then some people make working a full time job. When you work a job they take out tax's and you pay your income tax's. When back-yard breeders, scammers, or unlicensed breeders  don't have a business licensed they are NOT paying their taxes. Like the rest of us do. If you buy from them you are more likely to have issues, because they only breed for MONEY. They care less about the long term, they just want that quick buck.



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