Our Payment Plans

I want every puppy parent to know I understand how our economy has effected our lives and the financial decisions we make today. I also want every puppy parent that wants to ad a happy genetically sound shorkie to their family to be able to.

As many of us we know and understand we get what we pay for. We don't want puppy parents to have to settle for a cheaper shorkie that was not breed correctly just to have a shorkie in their family. Not all shorkies are breed equally, We want all shorkie puppy parents to get the BEST baby they can for their time, love, and money invested.

For this reason I have came up with a shorkie puppy plan.

  • This payment plan is very easy to use and understand. My payment plan is for those who are in the market to adopt a shorkie puppy that may not be able to come up with the cost in one lump sum.
  • Basically you fill out our adoption form and we talk , and you let me know you want to do our payment plan and how long you think it will be before you will have your baby's adoption fee paid.
  • Once you send in your first payment I will ad you to our puppy club, each time you send in a payment your payment will be posted for you to see and keep count of. Once you get 90% of your adoption fee and shipping paid you get to pick the baby you would like. If it is a good match then you will pay your balance and we will send him/her home.
  • We will keep all payments for 24 months at the end of the 24months all monies will be forfeited. Unless some unforeseen circumstance a raised.
  • Once you put money toward the adoption fee of a puppy you can cancel your payment plan at any time but please note we don't give you a refund. Your money can be used toward a puppy for up to 24 months.
  • We are NOT a bank and we don't want to be used as a saving account.
  • By letting our puppy parents make payments as they can, with no set amount or even a pay date every one can afford a Happy Healthy shorkie puppy.
  • When you send in your payment you will need to either send in postal money orders or personal checks. We will NOT take credit cards for the payment plan.


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