Dog Auctions

WOW, I never knew of such a thing. I was horrified when I told me about dog auctions. I met Jenny she dose rescue work. When I first meet her she had an ad in the paper looking for a home for a puppy she had rescued. When I went over to see the puppy for my daughter she told me she had rescued her from a dog auction, I said WHAT a dog auction what is that. She proceeded to tell me all over the US there are auctions where they auction off poor animals. They don't care where they go highest bidder gets them. I said no way, she said yes. She proceeded to tell me BREEDERS buy the dogs to ad to their kennels. I was horrified at this, NO kind of genetic testing no health records, or any thing.

They buy them as is.. Jenny and I became friends, she asked me if I wanted to go one time and help them rescue a few of the innocent dogs. I said of course.. I would not want any puppies or adults to be auctioned off let alone end up in a situation where they are not loved and cared for. So then next time Jenny went, she called me and asked if I wanted to go, and I said yes.

I have to say it was the MOST SADDEST thing I ever saw, It made me sick to my stomach. Seeing the poor dogs on the table most of them looked very sad and not very well taken care of and having people bid on them like they were not real. I thought to my self, these poor animals are living breathing, loving, loyal creatures. They don't deserve this. I could not handle seeing the poor babies and adults in this fashion, I had to leave. I could not take it. I told Jenny, I had to leave I could not take it. She said she understood and she would talk to me later.. Later that night she called me and said they saved 4 adult yorkies. I said Wow, that is great.

I am proud to say we donate to help rescue many of the neglected, unhealthy animals that are at these auctions. That it is the least we can do to help protect the wonderful animals that these's BREEDERS have abused and neglect. These poor babies need as much help and love they can get. IT is very hard to tell if the breeder your dealing with goes to dog auctions the best way is to ask them and see what they say and go with your gut instinct. Most breeders would be surprised by the questions and hopefully you can tell by their response if they are not being truthful.


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