Flying your baby home


Most of the babies can come home when they are around 12 weeks old. But once in a while one might have to be kept longer. We want to do what is best for the baby. We also want to get him or her home as fast as we can but we want to make sure he/she is happy and healthy.

We can have your new baby transported by car, airplane or you can come to pick up your baby. I do ask that during extreme weather conditions, to please remain patient. We do not allow our puppies to be transported if we are not absolutely sure they will arrive happy and healthy.

Transportation by car usually runs between $450 and up depending on the destination. Destinations are limited. When traveling by car your puppy will be delivered to the closes to you you. When traveling by car, they provide you with shot records, health certificate, crate, and vet check statements, and more.

Flying Your Baby Home By Her/His Self:

We are NOT USDA licensed there for there are only certain conditions we can fly your baby home by his/her self. This is NOT included in our adoption fee. We us Delta When transporting by air, We will provide you with shot records, health certificate and vet check statements, a travel crate, water bottle or a water-food dish. I recommend you bring newspapers, paper towels, and a spray cleaner to clean the carrier upon arrival. Puppies can really make a mess during flight and the airport officials are not allowed to open the carriers to clean them. It makes your trip home with your new puppy a much more pleasant smelling experience.


Things you will need to bring with you:

Clean towel, wet wipes

My phone number

You will be required to show a picture ID before you can pick up your puppy.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, transporting or any other area, please contact us by phone or email me at 

Please Note:

We reserve the right, at our soul discretion, to determine when the puppies are ready to be shipped home. I do my very best to get your puppy to you as soon as possible, but there are sometimes delays. Inclement weather conditions (i.e. too hot or too cold), hazardous driving conditions, flight schedules and puppy development, are all out of my control. Understand that I will NOT ship a puppy unless I feel that the conditions are safe, and that the puppy is ready to make the trip. I do this to ensure that your puppy will arrive to your home safe and healthy, and thank you for your understanding.

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