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I feel this is the most important page of our website. Part of being a good breeder is not only to offer puppy parents the BEST puppies but it is to educate puppy parents on what to look for in finding a good breeder.On this page you will find a few things to look for and things you can do to help you deal with a good breeder.

There are good breeders and bad breeders everywhere. There are breeders that will lie to sale a dog. It is your job as a puppy parent to do your research on the breeders you are dealing with. There are breeders that say their a home breeder when really they are a kennel. They should be able to prove to you they are a home breeder. One sure thing is do their dogs have rabies shots? Some one that has their dogs in their home as their pets will have their rabies shots. After all they want to make sure their pets are healthy before they breed them. Ask to see a copy of it.

The number one thing you should do when looking for a puppy is ask questions lots of questions. If the breeder don't have to time answer them go somewhere else. If they will not answer your questions before the sale they most likely will not answer the questions after the sale.

If I had a penny for every phone call or email I have received from a puppy parent that bought their puppy some where else then the breeder will not help them I would be rich. I can NOT stress this enough it is your breeders job to help you with your puppy and answer all your questions if they do not want to do that then DON'T buy from them.

Another thing you need to do is make sure you are dealing with a breeder that is legal. Some states have laws when it comes to breeding. Do research on the state the breeder is in and make sure they are abiding by their local laws. If they are not then report them.

Make sure the puppy has their shots for their age NEVER buy a dog that has not had any shots.

Some breeders will tell you if you are buying a mix breed dog they are healthier, This is NOT correct. Puppies can have ANY issues that are in the parent genetic lines. That is why genetic testing is so important, to make sure you parents don't have any issues them self's. But that dose not mean they can not throw issues in their puppies. Once a breeder has their lines and dose all the testing for several generations then they are less likely to have health issues. But they must steal do their testing to make sure their lines stay clean.

Yorkies are the number one breed for liver issues and loose knees. You need to make sure if you are buying a yorkie or a yorkie mix puppy the breeders are doing their testing. Loose knees are very common in all toy breeds. The breeder should be having their moms and dads vet checked at least once a year along with their teeth cleaned when needed. The breeder should also be making sure the parents are up to date on all shots , worming, and flea and tick preventatives. Make sure you never send money via western union. Always send a personal check , bank check or postal money order. That way the breeder will have to show id to cash it. Once it is cashed you will be able to track the person by their id number.

Call and talk to their vet, make sure their vet is NOT related to them. Also contact past buyers from the breeder see what they have to say. Also if they have a face book, my space join it. So you can see what others think of them and their puppy when they got home. Always ask for lots of photos and videos. Make sure you take your time. You are making a BIG commitment and it can be life changing. NEVER buy a dog from a breeder that is being pushy and demanding. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the breeder and the whole adoption process and situation.

It is a good idea to check with their local BBB to make sure they do not have any bad ratings or complaints.

Make sure you get a health warranty in writing so you know what the breeder covers and what they don't. Make sure you get a health warranty of at least 1 year but long would be best. Some genetic health issues come up after a year. Make sure that the breeder you choose is doing their best to breed ONLY healthy dogs. Ask them what they do to choose their breeding moms and dad. How do they choose who is ok to breed and who is NOT. Not all dogs are breeding quality. Some times you will be surprised on their answer. They may even be shocked the that you are asking them. If they don't know or what to answer you go some where else. Remember you must feel comfortable with your breeder and hopefully you will build a friend ship to last a lifetime.

There are many pet shops that pretend to be a breeder when they are really a store. You must do your research on anyone you want to deal with.

Take time and watch all the videos below..

Is your breeder legal? Questions to ask?

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