? Internet Slander - All my adults are the BEST you can get.


I would like thank every one for visiting this page. It has been brought to my Attention that a shorkie breeder and pet shop are slandering me and calling me a puppy mill and broker. Which I am not and never have been, and will NEVER be one. Any puppy parent is welcome to come pick up their baby at my home. Any puppy parent may also call my Vets to ask what testing is done on all my adults..Puppy mills and brokers don't do genetic testing on dogs. They are also saying I own 200 websites for 50 different breeds. Which is a lie.. If they have proof I would LOVE to see it.

I have worked very hard for several years to get my breeding program up for my shorkies. All my adults are the BEST you can get.

I am here for all my puppy parents 24/7 no matter how old your baby gets. I want my puppy parents to know that I am not going any where. I LOVE what I do and will be here for MANY years to come.

I have been on line since 2004 and have never had any bad posting on line about me or my breeding program until these's two people showed up, the pet shop is in forkalnd Alabama and the breeder is in Mississippi. They started call me a puppy mill and broker, and started posting lies about me and another shorkie breeder. Then these two ladies started posting lies on www. rip off report. com Not about any Shorkies I have placed but just a bunch of non since. On 10/29/08 after something was posted on that site I did write a rebuttal. I have NEVER done any thing in my breeding program, or online that I am ashamed of or want to hide from, I am here to answer any questions any puppy parent has about me or what I do. If you have to be ashamed or hide from what you do why do it... Most to the writing on that site is posted by a person that don't know how to spell and will not give their name. You have to ask your self why?

The pet shop in forkland Alabama is on rip off report for the past 2 years 2007 and 2008 several times. She is known in the breeding world for starting trouble.

They same two have stolen stuff off my website and other shorkie breeders website. Just to try and look reputable. If you go to Google and do a search on me I am sure you will see what I am talking about. Any comments or posting that are on the net and were posted after 7/10/07 will be the breeders I am talking about. All puppy parents should research the breeder they want to use when adopting a baby. You are taking a BIG step and need to make a well informed decision. After all your breeder should be your newest friend. You should have trust in your breeder and be able to talk to them about any thing.

We want every puppy parent to be able to make a informed decision when it comes to adopting a puppy online. There is a website www.shorkiebreeder.com that has lots of information about the two shorkie breeders that are calling us a puppy mill and broker. It is very SAD but there are to many unethical breeders out there that lie, cheat, steal, just to make a sale. They don't care about the poor innocent puppy or the puppy parents. They just want the money.

It has been brought to my Attention that my name is on blog. If you see this blog please take a few minutes and read all the post. This person that has the blog dose NOT know us or any thing about us. She/he dose NOT have one of our babies.

The owner of the blog don't even give you a way to contact them. This blog is talking about any and all mix breed puppies on there. They have nothing better to do with their time except talk about people and their breeding programs. They even go thru my health warranty and say it is not a good one, but yet most breeders only give you a 1 year and we do a LIFETIME HEALTH WARRANTY.

Any puppy parent or puppy parent to be is more then welcome to contact our adopted puppy parents by clicking here. Once you chose the year you want to see just click on it. When the page opens just click on any of their names and your outlook express should open with their email in a new message. Most of our adopted puppy parents love to talk about their babies.

We live in the USA and people have a right to their opinion even if it is slanderous, and NOT true. That is why it is so important that puppy parents do research when adopting a puppy online. As a puppy parent you need to feel comfortable and trust your breeder 100% . If you do NOT trust your breeder walk away. Your breeder must fell comfortable with you as well.

It is our goal to bring our past and future puppy parents the best babies we can. That is why we breed for the best health, temperament, you can find today. It is our promise to all our past and future puppy parents that we are here for you and our babies 24/7 no matter how old your baby gets.

Here are a few puppy videos,theses babies have been adopted visit our nursery to see the babies we have at this time. We always have a waiting list if you want to be on our waiting list just fill out my adoption form and I will give you a call.

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