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Puppy Names

We always name our puppies. We name then most the time 24 hours after being born. When we post their photos you will see their name. But you can always change their name if you adopt one of them. .

Here are some Female puppy names
Aggie Agnes Aimee Alaska
Alice Amanda Andrea Angel
Anka Annie Ariel April
Avalon Baby Bambi Bangle
Beatrice Beauty Bella Belle
Biddy Bree Brit Bronte
Candy Carley Carlie Carly
Carmel Carmen Carolina Daena
Dagian Dailyn Damia Danna
Danrelle Darylene Elsa Emerald
Emily Emma Empress Esther
Fancy Fern Foxy Friday
Flower Frisky Ginger Gigi
Gretel Greta Greta Garbo
Garbo Garnet Happy Honey
Hopi Hera Hedda Hannah
Inky Iona Ivory Isis
Iona Izzie Jemma Jewel
Jinx Joy Jura Joss
Jasmine Kahlua Kacy Kelsey
Kinky Kinsey Keno Kippi
Lacey Lea Lady Lucy
Lola Loony Maggie Mellie
Mimi Maya Mindy Nadia
Natalie Nattie Neve Nova
Nell Nitro Nipper Ola
Olive Opal Okie Penny
Ping Paris Polly Phebe
Queen Quack Queenie Quiche
Raisin Rainy Red Ricki
Rona Shana Sage Sweety
Silky Shae Tinker Tabby
Tacy Unity Uma Valerie
Vamp Venus Willow Winky
Whitney Xena Yancy ZuZu
Zara Zena Zoe Zoey
Here are some Male puppy names
Baba Babbit Bacchus Bach Bachelor Badger Badges Baggins
Bailey Baker Baldric Baldwin Baldy BamBam Bandit Banjo Banker Banner
Barbarian Barker Barney Baron Barry Bart Bartholomew Barton Bashful Basil
Baxter Beachboy Beacon adbury Caesar Cain Cairo
Calloway Calvin Caper Capone Capricorn Captain Carlisle Carlos
Carlton Carmichael Carnegie Carter Carter Cartwright
Casanova Case Casey Cash Caspar Casper Caspian Cassidy
Cecil Cedar Curby Deuce Devil
Dexter Dez, Dezzy Diablo Dicken Dickens Dickie Digby Digger
Dingo Dino Doc Dodger Domino Don Donald Donald Donalson
Donny Dono Doogie Doolittle Doonesbuy Dory Doyle Dozer
Draco Teddy Panther Patrick Patterson
Patton Paul Paulie Pavolv Peabody Peanuts
Peddler Penguin Penn Pepsi Permod Perseus Peter
Phantom Pharoah Phoenix Picasso
Piccolo Pickwick Piedmont Pierre Piers
Pilot Pinto Pip Piper Piranha Pistol Plato  


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