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Toll Free Numbers

Some breeders say we should not have a toll free number for our puppy parents . This is my response to that.

I want my puppy parents to be able to get a hold of me no matter where they are at. Some phones don't have long distance with a toll free number my puppy parents can get a hold of me any time no matter where they are also at no charge.

With our toll free number is very easy to remember 1-888-9SHORKIE

My toll free number also rings right into my cell phone so i can be reached 99% of the time by my puppy parents.. I am here for them no matter where I am.

Any puppy parent wanting my reg. Home number i can give that to you as well. Just ask, and once i receive your deposit you will get it.

Here are a few puppy videos, theses babies have been adopted visit our nursery to see the babies we have at this time. We always have a waiting list if you want to be on our waiting list just fill out my adoption form and I will give you a call.

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